is a relaxing game about creating arcades.

I strongly recommend to play with sound!

This game was made for the #VGLgamejam in less than 48h. The theme was "Arcade".

I didn't have much time this weekend to jam but I decided to still try to do a small game and experiment with adaptative music and I'm quite happy with the result for a first try.

The game was made with Unity and music & sounds with GarageBand/Ableton/Audacity.

Mouse Left Click/Hold: Jump.


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Une très belle surprise ! Bravo pour ce gameplay atypique 


Woah, je suis heureux de ne pas être passé à côté de ce jeu. C'est exactement le genre de musique dynamique que j'adore ! Et je trouve formidable comment le jeu passe de l'abstrait au figuratif, au travers d'une interaction minimaliste. Un grand bravo pour cette réalisation.


another meaning to arcade